At home in Allgäu

We feel at home in Immenstadt. This is largely owing to the people of Immenstadt, who have so warmly and open-heartedly welcomed us Buddhists, who have come here from countries all around the world to found and run the Europe Center.

It is a place that means very much to us, for which we searched long and hard, and which represents the heart of our organization. Buddhists from around the world can meet here and put their experience to use; and when they return to their countries, they can share the wealth of experience that they have acquired at the Europe Center with their friends.

Exchange and impetus for the Allgäu region

We regularly offer cultural events to share our international diversity with everybody who lives in the area.

We are also well aware that we have acquired a real jewel with this wonderful property, Gut Hochreute, the beauty of which we are doing all we can to preserve, restore and share with visitors.

Economy, tourism, art, culture and nature are just some of the areas in which the Europe Center and the region come together. We look forward to a lively and friendly exchange that will enable us to make an enriching contribution to the Allgäu.

The development of Gut Hochreute

Nature in connection with people and their needs was a priority for the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation when it bought Gut Hochreute.

Environmental protection

Drainage systems were built for the land since the sewage used to run into the Alpsee without being treated. Forestry management and replanting were also resumed.

Monument protection

The four original buildings at Gut Hochreute are under monument protection, including the villa facilities, i.e. the furniture, lamps and wall paneling.

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