Phowa Course with Lama Ole Nydahl
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The 5th International Summer Course started with the fulfillment of Lama Ole’s wish to take two more days than usual for the Phowa mediation course instead of the usual 4 or 5 days.

The goal of the Phowa practice is to learn how to die consciously, and transfer the consciousness at the moment of death to a state of highest bliss. The practice is the last of the Six Yogas (energy teachings) of Naropa, and one of the most profound teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. Lama Ole is one of the few Buddhist Lamas empowered to teach it. Since 1987, he has taught Phowa to over 80,000 people at several hundred meditation courses around the world.

After days of meditation on the Buddha of Limitless Light in 3 sessions per day, the Conscious dying meditation course finished after Lama Ole checked successful outer signs of the practice of approx. 700 first-time Phowa practitioners – who were all smiles after the signs were found on their heads. In two consecutive lectures, Lama Ole afterwards explained how to use the practice to help oneself and the others at the moment of death.

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