Upcoming events

Upcoming eventsUpcoming events

As every year just before Christmas, we invite you to join the EC gang for a 12 hour meditation on the 16th Karmapa. More details to follow. Please register if you would like to stay over night, by emailing: join@europe-center.org

The Core Team, who are the team heads of the Europe Center's International Summer Course, will come together at the EC to plan the 2015 course. Registration via: join@europe-center.org  

Visit all the large European Diamond Way Buddhist city centers in two days - part II
Get an unprecedented look behind the scenes of some of the largest Diamond Way Buddhist centers in Europe.
Budapest, Braunschweig, London, Hamburg, Prague, Vienna and Warsaw centers are coming together for a weekend at the Europe Center.  We will continue previous exchanges and develop the shared vision of our big city centers.
As any center can benefit from their knowledge and experience, everybody is welcome to come & take part.
Registration will follow soon.


International Diamond Way Teachers meeting
Mar 13 to Mar 15 (all day)

In what has now become a tradition, the International Diamond Way Teachers will gather at the EC to meet, share and enjoy time together. Registration coming soon!


Meditation weeks
Mar 13 to Mar 24 (all day)

We once again invite you to come and meditate in Lama Ole's power field at the Europe Center! As in October 2014, there will be a daily meditation program, evening sessions with DW teachers or Lama Ole. At the same time the  International DW Teachers will also meet together and sandwiched in the middle, we will have a Transmission weekend with Lama Ole, Caty Hartung, Tomek Lehnert and other guests! What more could we ask for?!? 13-15 March - International Diamond Way Teachers meeting 13-20 March - Meditation days 20-22 March  - Entering the Diamond Way Transmission weekend 23-24 March - Meditation days   Meditation Days Daily ...
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Entering the Diamond Way Transmission weekend
Mar 20 to Mar 22 (all day)

Following the wonderful Transmission weekend last October about Löpon Tsechu Rinpoche, Lama Ole, Tomek, Caty and other guests will share with us what happened during the first years of Diamond Way Buddhism. More details to follow and registration will be open in the New Year!


Shamar Rinpoche Tranmission weekend
Apr 17 to Apr 19 (all day)

The late Shamar Rinpoche was one of the Karma Kagyu lineage holders and a very important teacher to many, though few really knew him well. On this weekend we will have an unique chance to get to know more about Rinpoche’s great activities, as well his importance in spreading the dharma in the West, as well as in the East.
We have invited Trinlay Tulku Rinpoche who spent many years with Rinpoche, is one of the main teachers in the Bodhipath Centers and is also very knowledgeable and inspiring source of dharma teachings. We have also asked Manfred Seegers and Maggie ...
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The 2015 International Summer Course
Jul 27 to Aug 9 (all day)

Our annual Summer Course at the EC will be one week earlier this year from 27 July  - 09 August. More information to follow in Spring 2015!