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Upcoming eventsUpcoming events


Loving Eyes meditation week
Dec 7 to Dec 13 (all day)

We would like to invite you to join us for a week of meditation on Loving Eyes. This came about when we suggested to Lama Ole that we would like to have a "retreat week" at the EC in December. He replied, that is was a very good idea and that we should meditate on Loving Eyes. So if you would like to come and join us, please email: join@europe-center.org 61004a_860€_LovingEyes_45x35cm_4698-360x465 Daily program    09:00 - 16th Karmapa meditation breakfast 10:30 - Loving Eyes meditation 13:00 - lunch & EC activities 15:00 - Loving Eyes meditation 17:30 - Loving Eyes ...
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12hr 16th Karmapa meditation
Starts at 09:00

Come us and join us for our annual pre-Christmas 12hr meditation on the 16th Karmapa. If you'd like to stay at the EC please email: join@europe-center.org


Extended Core Team meeting
Jan 8 to Jan 10 (all day)

The Summer Course's "extended core team" will come together for a weekend at the EC to reflect on last year's course and plan for the 2016 course. To register, whether you are part of the team or not, please email: join@europe-center.org


Ngöndro weekend
Jan 15 to Jan 17 (all day)

We invite you all to join the EC team for a relaxing weekend of meditation & lectures. PROGRAM - to be confirmed Friday: 20:00 - 16th Karmapa meditation Saturday: 09.00 - 16th Karmapa meditation 10.00 - meditation session (starting together) 13.00 -  lunch 14.30 -  meditation session (starting together) 16.00  - coffee break 17.00 - meditation session (starting together) 19.00 - dinner 20.00  - Diamond Way Teacher lecture (€6) Sunday: 09.00 - 16th Karmapa meditation 10.00 - meditation session (starting together) 13.00 -  lunch 14.30 -  meditation session (starting together) If you would like to join us, please register by emailing: join@europe-center.org

We are happy to invite you for another meditation week at the EC from 7-11 March. The meditation week will culminate with a weekend of  teachings from Lama Ole Nydahl. We will have a daily meditation schedule and of course everybody is welcome to lend a hand to keep the EC running and to deepen your connections while working together. In the evenings we will enjoy lectures from Diamond Way Teachers. Registration and further info to follow in the New Year!    


Ngöndro practice & explanations week
Apr 4 to Apr 10 (all day)

We would very much like to invite you to an intensive week of Ngöndro* practice and explanations.  A different practice will be explained each day, as well as plenty for individual practice.   Monday - Short Refuge explanations Tuesday - Refuge & Prostrations explanations Wednesday - Diamond Mind explanations Thursday - Mandala explanations Friday - Guru Yoga explanations Saturday - lecture from  Diamond Way Teachers (€6) (Detailed program to follow)   To register please email: join@europe-center.org   *The Four Foundational practices