Helping out in the EC

The Europe Center project is a wonderful example of what can be achieved through volunteer work with idealism and friendship – and above all with a lot of joy!

Not only during the international summer course, but all year round the EC depends on the help of everybody there. “You” and “I” becomes “we” and this brings a lot of power into the projects and gradually removes all barriers. Here is an overview of how you can fully apply your various talents in the EC according to your preferences, for the benefit of all.

Joyful activity for the benefit of all

It is possible to support the Europe Center with one’s abilities in many different ways:

Whether within the buildings or outside, with physical activity or smartness, with aesthetics or organizational talent – the many teams with their various tasks offer all interested persons a fitting opportunity to apply themselves.

What does the Europe Center need to function? During a visit, one should plan to spend at least one hour a day doing something for the community. This guarantees that things function on a daily basis and that everybody feels comfortable. One is not just a guest, but also always a host at the same time. “Welcome Home” is the motto of the Europe Center, and each individual contribution brings this to life.

How can I help?

Even when you are still at home you can register under This will help the teams to plan better in advance.

After arrival one can have a look at the bulletin board at the entrance area where one can read what tasks need to be done at any given time, or one can simply ask somebody on the team. The EC team always welcomes support in the areas of cleaning, kitchen and outdoor work!

Would you like to come and help for a longer amount of time? Great! You can get more information on coming as a long term guest right here:

Coming to the EC? To reserve a bed just email us now for registration!


We offer different kinds of accommodation. On your own, as a couple or with several friends: for sure there’s the right one for you!

Summer Course

Every year thousands of Buddhists from all around the world come to the Europe Center to meditate together and listen to lectures.

Wish list

A list of things that we could really use at the Europe Center – donation opportunities from the basement shelf to a hard drive!