Introductory Explanations Part 5 –
6 Liberating Actions

We have 6 basic Dharma topics being taught to choose from every morning in the gompa tent during the course. So here’s our own little series of mini-explanations to share a part of this with you.

Although we act all the time with body, speech and mind, normal actions do not lead to liberation, a state free from suffering. For this, the 6 Liberating Actions (Skt. Paramitas) are needed.

Strengthening our compassion, we have to experience that there is no separation between the one who acts, the receiver and the action itself.

Everything starts with generosity (1) which opens up every situation. Then we change our life in a way that becomes meaningful for others and ourselves and requires a certain amount of discipline (2). Everybody knows that results on this way do not appear instantly, that’s why patience (3) is necessary. But still we have to put effort in it because things never only happen by themselves, so we have to act. This is called joyful effort (4). Meditation (5) supports the process where our intellect ends and mind becomes free. Finally wisdom (6) makes us able to incessantly act in a beneficial way.