Introductory Explanations Part 4 –
Compassion and Wisdom

We have 6 basic Dharma topics being taught to choose from every morning in the gompa tent during the course. So here’s our own little series of mini-explanations to share a part of this with you.

These are the main teachings of the Great Way (Skt. Mahayana) for people with an emotional surplus and the ability for a broad, beyond personal attitude. Here one needs to be motivated by the desire for all beings to experience happiness.

Compassion is the deep wish that every being may be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. But wishes only are never enough. Action is needed to live a life where one’s own development can support these wishes. Everything should be more and more based on wisdom – the clear understanding that there is no separation between subject, object and action. If the practitioner is not trapped in hopes and fears anymore, he learns to see both how things are and how the appear to be. Thus he knows what the other people need for their development, inspiration, direct support etc. and can be beneficial on the highest possible level.