Introductory Explanations Part 3 –
Meditation in Diamond Way

We have 6 basic Dharma topics being taught to choose from every morning in the gompa tent during the course. So here’s our own little series of mini-explanations to share a part of this with you.

The Tibetan word gom means to become familiar with and expresses a process in which mind tries to let go of its veils.

For this, one uses methods that bring what is understood intellectually into one’s own experience. On the highest level, meditation means to effortlessly remain in that which is. On the various levels of Buddha’s teachings different methods are taught, but they can be summarized essentially as Calm Abiding and Insight.

In the Diamond Way the most important methods are identification with enlightenment, awakening the enlightened power-field using mantras, gratitude and holding the pure view. Applying this is the guru yoga, the meditation on an enlightened teacher. It is quickest way to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.