Introductory Explanations Part 6 –
The Teacher-Student-Relationship

We have 6 basic Dharma topics being taught to choose from every morning in the gompa tent during the course. So here’s our own little series of mini-explanations to share a part of this with you.

The effective means of the Diamond Way get their strength through the particular relationship between teacher and student.

Here the teacher has a role that goes far beyond what is usually understood by a teacher – not only does he pass on knowledge and teachings, but he enables the direct recognition of the inherent nature of enlightenment. The functioning of a good teacher-student relationship is recognized, among other things, by a growing gratitude of the student for the human development he has received. Healthy devotion arises naturally when one meets a trusting connection from previous lives or finds something that agrees with one’s own deepest inclinations. If these are clearly and meaningfully reflected, it is as if one sees the most beautiful own face in the mirror.