Guru Rinpoche empowerment

”I awoke this morning to troubled mind, painful limbs and a soul in need of salve. Looking outside I saw a world covered in a beautiful layer of fresh snow, white softness everywhere and a cool crispness in the air.

The contrast to the beauty around me and my darker inner turmoil was so strong, I was breathing heavy before my feet even hit the cold floor. Guru Rinpoche is my favorite man in history. His exploits of legend and myriad lifetimes of epicness fail to compare to the pure outrageous power of the man himself. He was quite simply a walking, living Buddha. He is quoted as saying that we needn’t pray to his form, or make wishes for him to be with us – he was always inseparable from us. He is part of us, intertwined and living within all of us. His mind is our mind. His heart is our heart. All we ever need to do is understand this and we would never have the need to fear. All obstacles could be overcome by praying to him, invoking our own strength, and thusly realizing our own inner power and Buddha nature.

Instantly the white snow is beautiful and brilliant. The world is less heavy and I can breathe freely once more. Inner turmoil gone. Contrast removed. How could I worry anymore, for living in me, in all of us is the greatest man in history.”

— by Tokpa Korlo