Lama Ole meets with the EC Sangha

As is tradition in most Diamond Way Buddhist centers around the world, the EC team also got a chance to meet with the Lama to clarify issues, ask questions and advice, and to get blessing for their center activities.

Lama Ole took a lot of time to listen to the EC sangha members; on Wednesday in a meeting with the Europe Center residents and on Thursday in a big meeting with the whole EC team, with everyone of the already present guests invited to come and listen. There were quite a few issues and challenging questions which had come up during the time of Lama Ole’s retreat.

At the end of the day, once again we were so impressed with our teacher’s clarity and wisdom. From listening compassionately to also cutting through decidedly concerning some issues, Lama Ole gave us a lot to work with and so much trust in him once again. Talking about trust: Lama Ole emphasized very much on the important function of the EC worldwide and that the residents should be trusted in their work and decision making by the sangha. We hope that his advice will make us grow even closer together as one sangha, for the benefit of everybody who gets in touch with the EC!