Mantra Rolling Week

In preparation of our Statue Filling Weekend, we engaged in a whole week of the intense Buddhist practice of Mantra Rolling together in the EC Villa.

For filling a Buddha statue, we need a lot of special filling items. Among the things that will be placed inside the statue are mantras. Mantras are syllables and words that express a particular enlightened aspect of mind.

The mantras are dyed with saffron water, which has preservative properties. They must then be dried, cut, and rolled. In order to make a proper, solid, durable ingredient for filling statues, the mantras are rolled into very tight cylinders. This is a careful and meditative process, which takes a similar amount of time to the printing, dyeing and cutting. And the mantra rolling workshop was not only about rolling mantras, we also dyed the papers in saffron water and cut the paper sheets into stripes.

We had really wonderful days with a very special atmosphere and are looking forward to next year’s mantra rolling sessions!