In the tradition of the Karma Kagyü Lineage the Europe Center places emphasis on authentic meditation practice, which goes back to Buddha Shakyamuni.

The Karma Kagyü Lineage is primarily a lineage of meditation practice. In order go beyond the intellect and approach our innate qualities, meditations are used which have proven to yield meaningful results over the past two and a half thousand years: Mostly this means practicing the meditations of the four Foundational Practices or meditations on the teacher (Guru Yoga). Experienced practitioners and often realized Buddhist teachers guide the courses, which are held on a regular basis.

Try meditation

Meditation is kind of an unusual exercise in the Western world.

The Diamond Way goes back to the historical Buddha and uses what are considered the most powerful meditations in Buddhism. The goal of the meditation is always enlightenment. On the way, meditation supports one’s increasing ability to be a good example for others and at the same time to experience greater happiness.

To get a taste, the Europe Center offers public meditations. Everybody is welcome to come and experience the profound methods of Diamond Way Buddhism themselves. This way people can see for themselves if this is the right path for them.

Personal meditation practice

Over the centuries, the so-called gradual path in Diamond Way Buddhism has proven itself. Experienced practitioners and Buddhist teachers offer explanations for a preparatory meditation – the short refuge – for the Foundational Practices, a set of four meditations, for Guru Yoga and for other meditations as well.

Each practitioner can do his meditations at his own speed. However, it is not a matter of speed, but rather it is trust, non-distractedness and clarity that are important in meditation. Lectures and meditation courses in the Europe Center offer support in developing these qualities.

Meditation courses

The meditation courses which take place in the Europe Center focus on the transmission, which Lama Ole received from his teachers. At the heart of this transmission are the following meditations: the Foundational Practices – a set of four meditations, and the meditation on the 8th Karmapa, which belong to the so-called gradual path and form the basis for all Diamond Way practitioners. In addition, there is the occasional practice of Conscious Dying (Phowa), the practice of which Lama Ole is the lineage holder. Further courses focus either on the meditation on the 16th Karmapa or less frequently on Loving Eyes, which strengthens love and compassion.

All of the meditations are explained by lamas and experienced Buddhists so that practitioners know exactly which qualities in the mind are strengthened.

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