Supporting the Europe Center

Visitors often looked surprised when they hear that the Europe Center is largely supported through volunteer work and through donations.

Not only the purchase and further building of Gut Hochreute, also the daily operation and maintenance of the estate is made possible by idealists from around the world. Here we explain the individual pillars upon which the Europe Center project has been built – and how one can also support the project.

Financing and promotion

The Europe Center is supported by several pillars. People who have moved to Immenstadt or directly into the Europe Center provide volunteer work in everyday maintenance and further development of the project. They apply their experience and skills in their free time alongside careers and family. The same applies for the many visitors from other parts of Germany and abroad.

The purchase and new construction was financed through donations collected by Diamond Way Buddhists around the world.

Running costs and surplus funds are covered via numerous channels:

  1. Revenues from lectures and courses
  2. Monthly donations from around the world
  3. General donations
  4. Rental income
  5. Sale of books and meditation accessories, etc …
  6. Revenues from sale of food and beverages

All finance and budgetary items in these areas are supervised by experienced volunteers through a non-profit organization and the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation (Buddhismus Stiftung Diamantweg)

Helping out at the EC

The Europe Center always relies on many people helping out. But what’s the best way for someone to contribute his or her talents and preferences?

Wish list

A list of things that we could really use at the Europe Center – donation opportunities from the basement shelf to a hard drive!