Weekend course with Wojtek Tracewski

We invite you to come and join a weekend of teachings with Diamond Way teacher Wojtek Tracewski from Poland.

Wojtek Tracewski, born in 1962, graduated from the Art Academy of Warsaw and for several years was a painter. He took refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in 1980, and in 1988 he started to translate Lama Ole’s lectures and books.  At the request of Lama Ole, he began giving lectures in 1992. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Polish Buddhist magazine “Diamond Way.”

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31 Mar.
20:00 The History of Diamond Way Buddhism in the West

01 Apr.
11:00 meditation session
15:00 View, Meditation, Action – Part 1: View
20:00 View, Meditation, Action – Part 2: Meditation

02 Apr.
11:00 View, Meditation, Action – Part 3: Action

Lectures €6