Summer Course 2018 Building-Up Weekend 1

Another amazing, powerful weekend that strengthened many friendships at the EC. The Building-Up Phase of the Summer Course has started! We asked some friends to share their impressions with us. This is the outcome…

Building-up 2017: Done!

We celebrated the grand finale with a panel of Diamond Way teachers from Australia, the US and Israel and a fun Karaoke night in the pub!

Building up for the Transmission Weekend

Since Lama Ole had been gone so long, many hundreds of people registered for the Transmission Weekend, and we did our best to prepare things in a way that everybody would have a great time despite the “masses”…


Summer Course Building Up Weekend

Come and join the amazing fun  & friendship of preparing for the 2019 International Summer Course.

Please register before hand to reserve a bed by writing to us

Please note that by this weekend, it’s unlikely that we’ll have any beds available, so please bring your tent!