Though we are Buddhists, it is usual part of each of our culture and family tradition to celebrate Christmas.

As every year, Sunday afternoon the children in the Europe Center had a visit by St Nicholas.

In general, you don´t like so much being invaded. After visiting Beaufoy and Karma Guen it was Europe Center beeing occupied by the invaders from the country of „50 shades of green“.

Friends from near and far met to deepen their personal practice by doing several meditation sessions per day.

What a weekend! Our journey started on Friday night, when Pedro set the scene by explaining some historical facts about our lineage and about the other Buddhist schools.

Official kick-off of the Heartbeat Project was at this year´s Summer Course. Read what it is about and how the first “heartbeaters” expierenced it …

Last weekend we had a lot of friends from southwest Germany here to share, connect and
build new bonds.

Mist and sunshine are the frequent companions of autumn. Together with lower temperatures it´s the signs for the start of a cosy time at Europe Center.

Joy, friendship and of course fearlessness as aspects of mind found an enriching expression during our Halloween party.

From the 12th till 14th October we had an amazing time with Russian friends while hosting the Russian Weekend at the Europe Center.


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