Weekend with Dorit and Pedro Gomez

What a weekend! Our journey started on Friday night, when Pedro set the scene by explaining some historical facts about our lineage and about the other Buddhist schools.


Celebrating the stupas in the Europe Center and in Basel

According to the wish of Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche, we got together to celebrate the birthday of the seven Stupas that were inaugurated in Zürich in 2001.

Motorbikers Weekend

Our historical first motorbike weekend was far beyond our expectations. It was amazing to share the colorful storytelling on Friday and Saturday. Seeing the arrival biker friends – 41 friends with their wide range of motorbike types with maaaany horsepower – and having the great Saturday´s evening barbecue definitely brought joyful atmosphere in the Europe Center.

Open house at the Europe Center

More than 300 visitors took advantage of the sunny weather, to get in contact with us. They enjoyed our offers like introductory rounds in the meditation hall, followed by a short meditation, or guided tours through the villa, as well as an information table and of course food and beverages as well as a lot of chatting and connecting.

10 Years Contract Signing Anniversary

Back in March 2007, the contract of purchase for Gut Hochreute aka. the Europe Center was signed and sealed!


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Statue Filling Project

The ancient tradition of statue filling is an activity that creates strong bonds between us. During the four days the statue fillers from several countries, are going to exchange  and work together whilst also guiding the filling of both center and private statues.


Friday 1 March
Morning/afternoon – Statue fillers meeting
8 pm Buddha Statues – panel lecture – beginning of the statue filling weekend

Saturday & Sunday 2-3 March
Statue Filling – working with the statues
Sunday evening – end of the statue filling weekend

Monday 4 March 
Statue filling expert meeting