Motorbikers Weekend

Our historical first motorbike weekend was far beyond our expectations. It was amazing to share the colorful storytelling on Friday and Saturday. Seeing the arrival biker friends – 41 friends with their wide range of motorbike types with maaaany horsepower – and having the great Saturday´s evening barbecue definitely brought joyful atmosphere in the Europe Center.

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Open house at the Europe Center

More than 300 visitors took advantage of the sunny weather, to get in contact with us. They enjoyed our offers like introductory rounds in the meditation hall, followed by a short meditation, or guided tours through the villa, as well as an information table and of course food and beverages as well as a lot of chatting and connecting.

Diamond Way Teacher Julie Fallon

Our first course with a Diamond Way teacher in 2018 was a wonderful one as well! Lovely Julie meditated with us and shared her knowledge, including inspiring insights from her work on the books of Hannah Nydahl.

Dive in! Meditation Days

Following our Lama’s wish, we started the new year with a new series of events at the EC: Diving in deeper! Getting together and meditating together!

Summer Course 2017: Day 14

Nedo Rinpoche gave us another precious empowerment on the last day of this year’s Summer Course: the initiation into White Liberatrice (Skt. Sita Tara, Tib. Dolkar). After the empowerment, Lama Ole touched us deeply with his closing speech

Summer Course 2017: Day 13

Today Nedo Rinpoche gave his first ever empowerment at the Europe Center: the initation into Diamond Mind (Skt. Vajrasattva Tib. Dorje Sempa), the united purifying power of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of all times and directions.

Summer Course 2017: Day 8

On Monday Sherab Gyaltsen gave the Sojong vows for the coming 24 hours to those who wished to take it. What followed was an intense day of meditation practice and an enriching experience of acting with greater awareness than usual.


Activity weekends

Would you like to come for helping at the Europe Center? Our new activity weekends are a wonderful way to discover the EC and take part in the joyful activity indoors and outdoors.


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International Europe Center Summer Course

Apart from Lama Ole Nydahl, every year other highly realized teachers from East and West are invited to the International Summer Course at the Europe Center, and they pass on their deep understanding of Buddha’s teachings. Just spending some time and meditating in their blessing field is greatly beneficial.

You can bring your tent and spend the night on the terraced meadows around the big event tents. There are hot showers, washrooms, toilets, and, of course, meals, which everyone is more than welcome to help prepare!
There is space for campervans and caravans on the campsite by the lake “Großer Alpsee”. In Immenstadt and the surrounding areas (Blaichhach, Sonthofen, Ratholz, Akams, Oberstaufen, Konstanzer, Rettenberg, Thalkirchdorf, etc.) there are holiday homes, guesthouses and hotels. It is imperative that you book ahead – there’s a search database at
The Europe Center cannot give any rooms to general guests during the Summer Course. The premises are reserved for volunteers who are in charge, friends with disabilities, and guests who are carrying out the program.
Detailed program coming soon
Registration will open a few weeks prior to the event on the Summer Course website:
Please note it is not possible to register via join@ or by phone, thank you!

Summer Course Building-Up Weekend 2

Come and join friends from around the world in building-up the 2018 International Summer Course. We spend our weekends working hard & having a lot of fun, whilst making and deepening friendships!
To register for a bed (if we still have some available) please email:
For team members please also complete all your dates on the Summer Course registration system.