Belehrungen mit Wojtek Tracewski

Wojtek Tracewski kam für ein Wochenende aus Polen und hielt Vorträge über Meditation, Aktivität und Sichtweise im Diamantwegsbuddhismus.



Irish Country weekend

The Diamond Way Sangha from the Emerald Isle, will come to the EC for a weekend of meditation, teaching and fun together.

More details and registration coming soon.

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Weekend with Pedro & Dorrit Gomez

Join for weekend of teachings and meditation with Pedro and Dorrit Gomez. We will hear about “The recent History of the Karma Kagyu Lineage”, especially how the 17th Karmapa left Tibet and started his activity.

To register please email:

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South West Germany Practice Course

Dear Friends,
this year our wonderful South West Practice Course will be held at our Europe Center and you are warmly invited to join!

Please note that all lectures and meditations will be in English and German translation will be provided.

More information & registration to follow soon.

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Travelling Teacher weekend with Grisha Serebrianyi, Sasha Koibagarov and Marina Willer

Join us for a weekend of teaching on “Meditation and the Teacher Student  relationship in Diamond Way” and meditation sessions with Grisha Serebrianyi, Sasha Koibagarov and Marina Willer from Russia.

Sasha and Grisha supported Lama Ole’s work in Russia  from the beginning. We can expect interesting teachings and a lot of inside stories about the Diamond Way in Russia.

More details to follow.

To register, please email: