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Statue Filling Weekend

The ancient tradition of statue filling is an activity that brings the sangha together, creating strong bonds between us for probably more than just one lifetime, according to the Buddhist teachings. The teachings also say that everybody involved in such a process accumulates immense merit and very good karma, regardless of the nature of their contribution; be it rolling mantras, cleaning statues, cooking or looking after children to enable others to participate.

We will fill statues together, listen to a lecture about statue filling, and surely have a magnificent time together!

You are welcome to come and fill your own statue(s) as well!

Detailed program to follow soon…

6€ per lecture, breakfast: 2€, lunch: 4€, dinner: 4€

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Mantra Rolling Weekend

In preparation of the Statue Filling Weekend, we will engage in a whole weekend of this intense Buddhist practice together.

For filling a Buddha statue, we need a lot of special filling items. Among the things that will be placed inside the statue are mantras. Mantras are syllables and words that express a particular enlightened aspect of mind.

The mantras are dyed with saffron water, which has preservative properties. They must then be dried, cut, and rolled. In order to make a proper, solid, durable ingredient for filling statues, the mantras are rolled into very tight cylinders. This is a careful and meditative process, which takes a similar amount of time to the printing, dyeing and cutting.


6€ per lecture, breakfast: 2€, lunch: 4€, dinner: 4€

For accomodation costs, please check