The Golden Hour

Welcome to the golden hour. A time when the sun is just setting over the horizon, and the light takes on a mystic and incredible golden quality that washes over everything in warmth and beauty.

A walk in the Europe Center’s incredible grounds within minutes of my arrival yesterday shows me its true colors; vibrant and genuine in the cool and clear winter’s day, a gentle layer of golden mist leading to snow tipped mountains in the distance.

A visit to the Schwarzenberg center with Jamgon Kontrul Rinpoche this afternoon, again arriving just as the sun is setting, the landscape and the people’s faces all sharing that same golden hue and inner warmth that is so clearly visible on their huge smiles and inviting grins. We walk through their lovely garden. Rinpoche walks gracefully in this tender moment, treading slowly and taking it all in. He beams his magnetic beaming smile over all. It is impossible to find a difference between the golden glow of the surroundings and the golden glow of his presence. Or the glow of all those around him. That’s the best part – they have actually combined.

In these precious simple moments the warmth brings us all closer together.

— by Tokpa Korlo