Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation

The legal owner of the Europe Center is the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation (Buddhismus Stiftung Diamantweg) founded in 1999.

The goal of the foundation is to preserve the living transmission of Diamond Way Buddhism and to make century-old Buddhist wisdom accessible to lay Buddhists in the modern world.

What does the Buddhist Foundation do?

As an international non-profit organization, the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation preserves the timeless wisdom of the Buddha in the West and makes this accessible to interested persons in their daily modern lives.

The foundation is headquartered in Germany and is active worldwide in bringing the century-old teachings and culture of the Karma Kagyü Lineage, a school of Tibetan Buddhism, to localities around the world. The organization focuses on supporting meditation centers for lay Buddhists, organizing cultural events, and supporting academic activities.

Projects of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation

The Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation has taken up the task of collecting, preserving and exhibiting valuable Tibetan art. The foundation maintains a unique collection of Buddhist art from Tibet and Nepal, which has already been exhibited in the European Parliament, in Innsbruck, London, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and other cities.

Buddhism and science represent a further field, in which the foundation strives toward a common understanding of the Eastern and Western worlds. By organizing symposiums, a dialog is created which brings together the latest scientific findings with the insights into the nature of reality, which in Diamond Way come directly from the Buddha.

The Diamond Way Foundation makes a positive contribution to society in the area of Education. The foundation works together with government authorities in Germany and abroad to develop high-quality teaching materials for Buddhism in schools.

Supporting the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation

The Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation is a recognized non-profit organization, is based on idealism and funds it projects mostly through private donations.

Support for the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation can be in the form of volunteer work, donation of money, material goods and gifts of Buddhist artwork. Whoever wishes to support the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation also beyond his lifetime can make appropriate provisions in one’s will. This guarantees that your wealth, property or life insurance can work for the benefit of all beings beyond death and provide ongoing support for Buddhist projects.

Comprehensive information and way to make direct donations can be found on the website of the foundation.

Europe Center

The Europe Center is an international meeting place that preserves the living transmission of Diamond Way Buddhism.

Hochreute Manor

The buildings at the over 100-year-old Gut Hochreute are nestled in the beautiful Allgäu mountains with a view of the “Großer Alpsee”.


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