Community events

The Europe Center offers many different events all year round, from exhibitions to guided tours, as well as a regular program for new people who are interested.

In order to give people who are interested an entry point into Buddhism, both the introduction and the common meditation are given in German every Thursday, as English is the everyday language spoken at the Europe Center, given that it is an international meeting place.

Explanations and meditation in German

Every Thursday is German evening at the otherwise English-speaking Europe Center. Entrance is free, no specific clothing is required, and we are happy to provide you with a meditation cushion. There is parking right outside the entrance gate.

7pm: Introductory explanations; questions and answers

followed by: guided meditation

Total duration of the explanations and meditation: approx. 90 minutes.

The Buddhist centers in our surrounding area also offer regular introductions and meditation for new people to try out. You can find contact details and opening times for the centers in Kempten, Kaufbeuren, Füssen, Bregenz and in Schwarzenberg (near Oy-Mittelberg) at

Open Day

Every year the Europe Center opens its gates to all those who are interested.

Every hour there are short introductions into Buddhism which explain what the Europe Center represents; you can try out a guided meditation in order to get the feeling for what it means to turn inward; tours of the traditional villa and the new, modern buildings provide visitors with an impression of how Buddhists live and work; parts of the property that make the yearly Summer Course possible with their hidden infrastructure are also shown, as is the wonderful view of the Alpsee and the Alps.

Light snacks, homemade cake and a large choice of drinks are provided to treat the many guests in a cozy environment either in the courtyard or in the cafeteria.

Statue exhibition

Every year in June and July on Sundays there are guided tours of a statue exhibition in the Europe Center’s historical villa.

Statues don’t mean anything external for Buddhists, rather they point to different aspects of our own enlightened potential. Basic symbolism is explained in order to make the different Buddha aspects more accessible to new people.

Summer matinee

Gut Hochreute and the Europe Center also represent culture. In summer the Europe Center invites people to a musical matinee in the garden of the traditional buildings.

The matinee, with highly talented artists from all around the world, has a different musical theme every year. The concert rounds out our annual statue exhibition. Most of the audience takes the opportunity after the concert to have a final tour of the villa and the exhibition. The Buddhist art exhibition attracts a few hundred visitors every year on June weekends.

We look forward to continuing this tradition with many new guests in the years to come!

Information and tours for groups and school groups

It’s also possible to arrange visits of the Europe Center with groups outside of the general program.

We offer tours through the buildings and/or an introduction into Buddhism. We’re also happy to explain the Europe Center’s function. As well as school groups, we’ve also had visits from all different types of groups at the Europe Center.

Would you like more information? Please simply contact us via email or telephone at or 08323 9868740. We look forward to your visit!

Getting married at Gut Hochreute

In the historic villa of Gut Hochreute is the former ladies’ tearoom, also called the yellow room, an official room with the registry office of Immenstadt.

It can be arranged with the registrar to have civil weddings in early 20th century style; if desired, with a champagne reception on the villa’s premises or on the lake terrace.

If you are interested in tying the knot with a view over the lake “Großer Alpsee”, please contact both the Immenstadt registry office and the Europe Center at or 08323 9868740.


The Karma Kagyu lineage belongs to one of the four large Buddhist schools of Tibet. More about Diamond Way Buddhism…


We warmly invite you to try out the profound meditations of Diamond Way Buddhism.