International Summer Course

Every year in August the International Summer Course takes place at the Europe Center.

The basic framework of all the programs is made up of meditations, teachings and initiations given by realized teachers from East and West.

In 2022 the 30th Summer Course will take place!

A dimension in itself…

Every year the inhabitants of the Oberallgäu watch as giant tents are erected on the slopes of the Europe Center and movement comes into the otherwise tranquil region: the Summer Course is approaching!

Buddhists from all around the world start the preparations around four weeks before the course begins: IT tents, toilets, showers, especially the very large kitchen, shops, miles of electrical cables, lamps, decorations etc. appear, and trucks carry the goods from storage to the site. Hundreds of volunteering Buddhists use their annual vacation to make the course at all possible.

During the course 400-500 helpers are needed to prepare the food, clean showers and toilets, take out the trash etc., and afterwards weeks are spent dismantling and stowing everything away again. That all sounds like a lot of hard work, but you can see something else on people’s faces: great joy!

The history of the Summer Course

The idea for a general large cross-regional course was first implemented in 1993 in a scout camp near Kassel.

The numbers of visitors quickly increased, and more Buddhists from around the world started coming, so the course soon developed into a large international event which, apart from the important teachings, meditations and initiations, also allowed information to come from faraway parts of the world to Central Europe; thus friendships formed and Diamond Way Buddhism from distant places got really close.

The move away from Kassel to the Europe Center in 2008 brought a new dimension: everything that we organize on site happens on our own land. Thus, long-term planning and implementation became possible.

In 2020 the 28th course will take place from July 27 to August 9!

Our teachers

Every year highly realized Buddhist teachers from East and West pass on their precious knowledge to thousands of students at the Summer Course.


During the Summer Course a little city appears and consists of several hundred tents! However, there are also beds if the need arises.


Wherever on the planet you’re traveling from to the International Summer Course at the Europe Center, the best way to arrive is by plane, car, train or bus!

Registration and program

You can do this directly on the special Summer Course website – usually around 2-3 months before the course. We are unable to provide any information earlier than that – not even by phone.

Our teachers

Apart from Lama Ole Nydahl, every year other highly realized teachers from East and West are invited to the International Summer Course at the Europe Center, and they pass on their deep understanding of Buddha’s teachings. Just spending some time and meditating in their blessing field is greatly beneficial.

We will let you know which lamas will be enriching our Summer Course this year in the weeks and months leading up to the course via the Summer Course website:


You can bring your tent and spend the night on the terraced meadows around the big event tents. There are hot showers, washrooms, toilets, and, of course, meals, which everyone is more than welcome to help prepare!

There is space for campervans and caravans on the campsite by the lake “Großer Alpsee”. In Immenstadt and the surrounding areas (Blaichhach, Sonthofen, Ratholz, Akams, Oberstaufen, Konstanzer, Rettenberg, Thalkirchdorf, etc.) there are holiday homes, guesthouses and hotels. It is imperative that you book ahead – there’s a search database at

The Europe Center can’t give any rooms to general guests during the Summer Course. The premises are reserved for volunteers who are in charge, friends with disabilities, and guests who are carrying out the program.



It is possible to drive up to Immenstadt (there are signs for parking either at private accommodation or in Akams). Luggage and passengers can be dropped off at P3 Viehmarktplatz for the shuttle before you park your car somewhere else. It is only possible to drive up to the Europe Center via shuttle. Only vehicles which have been given a special permit in advance may be driven to the Europe Center. More information about parking and the shuttle can be found here.


Arrival in Immenstadt (usually the train stops here on the way to Oberstdorf and/or Lindau). The shuttle can be requested and information can be obtained via the “ShuttlePhone” +49 (0)1577 5288285. Information about the Deutsche Bahn “Veranstaltungsticket” can be found here: From the train station turn left to P3 Viehmarktplatz – that’s where the Summer Course shuttle leaves from. More information about the shuttle can be found here.


Arrivals in Memmingen: Bus transfer to Memmingen train station (approx. 15 minutes), from there by train to Immenstadt.

Arrivals in Munich: Buy a ticket to Immenstadt at the DB booth at the airport. Travel to München-Pasing with the S 8 (included in the DB ticket), and change trains there. You might have to change trains again in Buchloe or Kempten, usually on the opposite platform. From the train station turn left to P3 Viehmarktplatz – that’s where the Summer Course shuttle leaves from.

More information about the shuttle can be found here.

Die Anmeldung für den Sommerkurs geht einige Wochen vor dem Kurs online.
Nur auf der Sommerkurs-Website ist die Anmeldung möglich, nicht über die EC Anmeldung!