Weekend Course with Steve James

The beginning of December was rich with events at our beautiful Europe Center.

We hosted a traveling teacher from London, Steve James, who has been giving lectures—upon request of Lama Ole—for more than 20 years. Steve came with his whole family, and his sons were especially glad to check out the Allgäu countryside. Steve shared his stories and experience with great precision and the special touch of British humor and style. A highlight was the saga of finding and buying the Beaufoy Institute – our Diamond Way Buddhist Center in London.

On Saturday evening, a friend from Minsk showed a presentation about Buddhism in Belarus and about daily life in the Minsk center.

On Sunday evening, Saint Nicolas suddenly appeared at the Europe Center and gave each and every kid a present. The evening was filled with the smell of cinnamon and the magic of winter holidays.

It’s cozy and warm at the EC any time of year!