Environmental protection

The number of residents and guests has significantly increased since Gut Hochreute was purchased, the road was built and the new building was later added. Everyone is aware that this involves an impact on the environment. However, the town and district guidelines are not exceeded.


Steps taken to protect the environment

The annual Summer Course is a particular burden which is lessened by a shuttle service and special protection for the meadow slopes.

The Buddhists have been intensively looking after the environmental needs since 2007. Drainage systems have been built (formerly most of the sewage ran into the Alpsee without being treated), and the neglected forestry management and replanting have been resumed. Further steps are being planned and prepared.

Further development

Nature in connection with people and their needs was a priority for the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation when it bought Gut Hochreute.

Monument protection

The four original buildings at Gut Hochreute are under monument protection, including the villa facilities, i.e. the furniture, lamps and wall paneling.

Hochreute Manor

The buildings at the over 100-year-old Gut Hochreute are nestled in the beautiful Allgäu mountains with a view of the “Großer Alpsee”.