The Allgäu and the Europe Center

It is important to the Europe Center that all goods and services, where possible, are obtained from Immenstadt and the surrounding areas in order to contribute to supporting the region’s economy.


Strengthening the economy in the region

Many contracts have been signed between the Europe Center and local suppliers, and local companies have been used for construction, rebuilding and repairs. The accommodation businesses in Immenstadt and Bühl are always booked out during the Summer Course, and the many thousand guests every year use and support the local retail businesses with their purchases.

Despite the burden on the environment and people of Immenstadt in the period before, during and directly after the annual Summer Course, the economic factor should not be underestimated: the town and businesses benefit from the Europe Center.

In addition, over 150 Buddhists have moved to Immenstadt, and they work, shop, pay taxes, and have set up businesses here which create jobs. Thus, the town benefits from the Europe Center on many levels without having to invest anything.

Hochreute Manor

The buildings at the over 100-year-old Gut Hochreute are nestled in the beautiful Allgäu mountains with a view of the “Großer Alpsee”.

Monument protection

The four original buildings at Gut Hochreute are under monument protection, including the villa facilities, i.e. the furniture, lamps and wall paneling.