10 Years Contract Signing Anniversary

10 years. Again: T-E-N years. Back in March 2007, the contract of purchase for Gut Hochreute aka. the Europe Center was signed and sealed! This marked the end of a search for the right real estate which had been going on for more than 8 years.

Members of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation met with the owner of Gut Hochreute, Mr. Herz, and a notary to clarify the last contract details. Then, with Lama Ole on the phone from Copenhagen, where he was staying at the bedside of his wife Hannah, Caty Hartung signed the contract papers on behalf of the foundation.

A wonderful gesture from the former owners: Mr. Herz and his wife gave a precious little Buddha statue as an auspicious present! Mr. Herz has been visiting the Europe Center many times since 2007. He repeatedly expressed his joy about the meaningful activity and the growth of the Europe Center to us. We wish Mr. Herz and his family the very best and are so grateful that he decided to give his family’s precious manor and grounds to the foundation, even though other investors who would have paid more could very likely have been found.