New Year and Dive in 2020

As every year, we came together to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Europe Center.

It was a great pleasure not only for the adults but also for the kids. The children brought light into the darkness through a joyful torch walk around the EC up to the hill. Meanwhile, many friends enjoyed the last sessions of meditation of 2019. While waiting for the streaming with Lama Ole from the New Year’s Course in Hamburg, we shared time together over our favorite desserts, filling the pub with laughter and excitement. In the background, the fireworks lit up the courtyard with colors.

The most inspiring moment of the evening was listening to the Lama Ole’s talk from Hamburg. He highlighted the the most important Diamond Way events of the year. We then entered into the new year by taking the traditional Boddhisattva Promise—a commitment to accomplish enlightenment for the benefit of all beings and to work with diligence and strength until all beings have reached enlightenment.

We closed this inspiring event with great music and cheerful dancing.

To start the new year in a meaningful way, many friends joined our Dive In event at the beginning of January. During this five-day course, we had numerous meditation sessions and the chance to get explanations for personal practice. Every evening, we had a lecture with our local traveling teachers. These few days helped us to create the right mindset for the new year.

(Tiina and Szilvia)