Nyndro Weekend

What a cosy weekend at the EC! Sometimes it seems like it might be peaceful and quiet at the Europe Center, but when you look closely you will always find that there is something happening!

On the weekend from 13 –15.12.2019 we had a Nyndro – weekend, which means that we had quite a few friends coming and meditating together in numerous sessions, making a step towards finishing the foundational practises and bonding on the deepest possible level.

On top we had a lovely arts and crafts workshop taking place. Our Europe Center kids could create all kinds of Christmas decorations from natural materials which we had previously collected during a walk on the grounds of our Europe Center.

To round things up, our local traveling teachers gave an inspiring lecture about meditation on Saturday evening.

The Sunday was special, too! We had our annual event of signing New Year’s cards which are then being sent to all the Diamond Way centers around the world, to our monasteries and even to Karmapa. This is another way for the EC sangha to bond, as these card signing events are always a very joyful way of spending time together and it is a way of keeping the bond and connection with all our centers around the world.

Thank you friends for this cosy, joyful and meaningful time together!