Mandala Tour 2020 – visiting the homes of the sangha

To start off 2020 in the Europe Center, the Sangha decided to see where the friends outside of the EC live in the small town of Immenstadt.

So came the idea of doing the Mandala Tour; a pub crawl of friends living spaces filled with snacks, stories, cozy furniture if you were the first to arrive, and non alcoholic drinks!

Entering the homes of the friends, to meet their families and their tastes of living was a great experience and gave the opportunity to get to know someone in a deeper way. To see their altars, their dreams for the future, and just how they include the dharma into their everyday life was a beautiful way to get to know the people in this town.

In total, seven homes were open to the whole EC Sangha. Each home seemed to have a different theme, from simple and ready for retirement to having a personal gaming room. But it was also great to see how the dharma resided in their homes. One home even had a full gompa! To compliment the openness, the hosts had coffee and cake and gave the friends the chance to feel at home.

The final destination on the tour was the “Villa”, which had prepared pizza for all those who came. Afterword’s, the friends made their way back up to the EC just in time for the evening meditation. So ended a journey through Immenstadt, only to appear again in 2021.