Jan Noutsos at the Europe Center

What can you expect when Jan Noutsos, a long student of Lama Ole and traveling teacher, comes to EC to help once again to understand that compassion and wisdom are two sides of one medal.

A lot of jokes, a lot of self-irony, a lot of stories and most of all a vivid experience, which simply samples this theoretical construct. Jan, who is co-running the retreat center KBL in Greece, experienced in what it means to put the others in front of yourself. As he would say, we need „strong legs“ representing compassion and good guiding eyes for wisdom. These help to fulfil our wishes and promises to benefit all beings.
Thank you, Jan for being here at the EC. Thank you for reminding us of all the richness around us and for being an example of this pragmatic simplicity of the hand in hand growth of compassion and wisdom. As you
said, Lama Ole gave us everything we just have to start using it… End of story.