EC Activity Weekend

Wonderful sunshiny weather, a couple of good friends and in the evening the satisfying feeling of having done some useful jobs. Making some new friends, laughing, meditating, spending intense time together and strengthening the bonds to our Europe-Center. This is the idea of our EC Activity Weekends.

A big project like the EC can only be handled on voluntary level with the help of friends from abroad. So we were happy that a couple of idealists were inspired to bring in their (wo)manpower and joined the party.

The focus this weekend was to get closer to the end of cleaning up the Summer Course infrastructure by gathering material from all over our land, sort out, throw away useless material and wrapping up the good pieces. On top we managed to clean up the arcades of our Second House, cleared the road of leaves, got rid of an old tree trunk in the old courtyard, extended the stupa park and cleared the view to the lake, plus many more small jobs.

And the great news is: there is always something to do at the EC, be it on the Activity Weekends or any other given day. Just ask us and let us know what you would like to do! :)