Weekend with Wojtek Tracewski

The Europe Center had the pleasure of hosting a weekend with Wojtek Tracewski from 23rd – 24th of March

Wojtek has been translating books and lectures for Lama Ole almost since the very beginning of the Diamond Way Buddhism in Poland. Naturally, many friends came to listen to lectures of such a close student of our Lama. Wojtek’s lectures’ are never boring as teachings are deep and meaningful are followed by numerous stories, funny anecdotes, and examples that all of could relate to. Even though the weather was beautiful, nobody wanted to miss out on the teachings, so the gompa was pretty crowded. During the breaks, we were enjoying time with all the friends on our sunny terrace – eating, chatting and laughing. At the end of his Saturday evening lecture, Wojtek admitted that coming to the EC this time around felt like ‘coming home’ to him and his wife, which all of us were glad to hear!

Dear Wojtek, the EC will always be very happy to welcome you home!