Weekend course with Susan & Chris from Canada

Love and Partnership in Diamond Way Buddhism – the topic of this course required Diamond Way teachers who really know from their own experience how to make a relationship work, based on Buddhist teachings!

Susan and Chris Bixby must be close to over-qualified for this task, if that exists. ;) They have been together for 51 years and are blessed with three married children and nine energetic grandchildren.

We were amazed at how openly the two shared the ups and downs, their mistakes, their experiences, their life-lessons of a few decades together with us. The lectures were attended by an increasing audience every time, because everybody left deeply inspired and brought more friends to the next lecture. We got lots of hands-on, precious advice and inspiration on how to make a relationship work based on idealism, practicing the Pure View and simply focusing on giving rather than on taking.

Susan and Chris live in the foothills of the magnificent Rockies near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They met Lama Ole in 1994 and helped establish the Calgary Diamond Way Buddhist Center in 1995. They were asked by Hannah and Ole Nydahl to become travel teachers in 2006. Chris is a lawyer and Susan’s background is in education and art.

If you would like to know more about the topic of love and partnership, we recommend the book “Buddha and Love” by Lama Ole Nydahl. You can order it here.