Dive in! Meditation Days

Following our Lama’s wish, we started the new year with a new series of events at the EC:
Diving in deeper! Getting together and meditating together!

We rang in the new year with four days of  intense meditation practice, guided meditations in several gompas, dharma teachings and story-telling evenings about our roots and history.

This time, among other talks with Diamond Way teachers, Erik Weiss and Manfred Kessler shared their memories of “Meeting the 16th Karmapa” and Hannah Nydahl. It’s safe to say the audience’s eyes were glued to their lips, absorbing the deeply inspiring memories shared.

We are very happy that so many came to spend the first days of 2018 in the best way one possibly could: meditating together and sharing the precious Diamond Way teachings. We are much looking forward to making the Dive In! meditation days a fixture in our annual program. Please come and join us next time!