Lectures by Tony Karam

Tony Karam, President of Casa Tibet in Mexico City, whom we already had the pleasure of listening to at the last two  Summer Courses, deeply inspired us again with two vivid lectures in the evening.

Invited by Lama Ole to teach for the third Summer Course in a row, Tony’s learned, charismatic and entertaining teaching style had everybody listening very attentively and reflect on what we heard still a long time after the lectures. Tony taught about the three main disturbing emotions in Diamond Way Buddhism: basic ignorance, attachment and aversion.

Quoting the Buddha himself, he kept returning to the same question over and over again in between different examples:

“Why do we suffer?”
“Because we identify with what we are not, and because we pretend to possess what does not belong to us.”

We would very much like to thank Tony for granting us the pleasure of hosting and learning from him again!