Summer Course Teamleaders Meeting

It’s never too early to prepare the next Summer Course. In fact, it’s about time to start preparing! So the extended core team met at the EC to brainstorm abut how to improve and adapt the course to changing conditions.

Whenever the Summer Course team comes to the EC, no matter how many of them, there is always a certain kind of vibe they bring. It’s this combination of friendships which have grown over the years by joyfully working together for the benefit of others, of all the challenges and all the joy experienced together, the history of the EC and Diamond Way Buddhism written together, and the beyond personal motivation behind all this, which makes it so magical.

On a more practical level, all the teams made the best of the weekend, discussing how to improve the course for everybody and save money at the same time. Everybody involved was impressed with the creative results that came out of these discussions, and it took some of us a few days to recover from the wonderful parties with lots of dancing we had on top in the evenings!