Our first course with a Diamond Way teacher in 2018 was a wonderful one as well! Lovely Julie meditated with us and shared her knowledge, including inspiring insights from her work on the books of Hannah Nydahl.

Love and Partnership in Diamond Way Buddhism – the topic of this course required Diamond Way teachers who really know from their own experience how to make a relationship work, based on Buddhist teachings!


Please check for the program, registration and all necessary info a few months prior to the event!

We’re delighted to invite you to an 8th Karmapa Meditation Course, with Lena Leonteva and Marcin Baranski. This course is open for those who have finished the Four Foundational Practices. The 8th Karmapa Meditation is the advanced guru yoga practice of the Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Lineage.

During this extended weekend, we have the great opportunity to do the 8th Karmapa meditation together in four sessions every day. By practicing together, we share our experience and inspiration, and strengthen our connections as a sangha. There will also be ample time for explanations and questions & answers.

If you have not yet finished the Foundational Practices, you are very welcome to meditate in our beautiful Villa Gompa. If you need explanations for your practice, you can get them from the Travelling Teachers on site.

Further information and full programme to follow. To register, please email