Lama Ole is back in the forest…

Following one of his oldest EC traditions, Lama Ole took to the Europe Center’s own woods to cut some life trees.

Unlike the last times Lama Ole cut trees that were to become life trees for the new stupas in Russia and Greece, this time the trees will be used as many smaller life trees for center statues and small stupas.

Together with his trusted team of professional arborists and well-equipped with chain saws and a strong tractor, Lama Ole made his way up across the Summer Course plateau. Of course, they were not alone: many friends who had come for the mediation week in Lama Ole’s energy field came along to watch the trees fall.

By the way: in case you’re wondering if it’s okay to fell so many trees on our grounds: it surely is! Because it is the nature and part of the preservation of the Allgäu region’s typical look that trees are taken down at some point, and new ones are planted to form the next green generation.