Building up the Summer Course 2019

It is the time of the year when friends from around the world arrive to take part in the 1st building up weekend.

It was a great weekend with more than 200 friends supporting each other to build up the facilities for the 29th Summer Course and to create space for receiving the Vajrayana teachings about mind.

We interviewed a few of our tireless volunteers on how their ‘building up’ experience has been this year:

Piotrek from Immenstadt: We have been preparing for the biggest course and being thankful that the weather is supporting our activity. We have had a lot of fun working together. The group did an amazing job and the effort of friends was mind-blowing. Nevertheless, it would be helpful if friends could join us not only during the weekends but throughout the weekdays if they find time and

Andras from Hungary: Super nice weekend. We had a lot of fun with the guys from the building up tent’s company. Generally, the team is full of motivation as we do every year. I have a feeling that the process has been fast and smooth. There is a lot of clarity.

Emiliano from Argentina: Amazing days to meet a lot of friends and share meaningful time together. I have learned how to cook for the big bunch of people.

Jasmin from Immenstadt: That is the most powerful, special and beautiful time of the whole year. It
is mind-blowing how many people come together and build such a big course for others from the whole world who come here.

Cullen from the USA: We had a lot of helpers and energy was high. People were really motivated to get things done despite the not very good weather conditions at the beginning of the weekend. People seemed happy.

Sam from the USA: The work is hard and satisfying. Becoming closer to my team is fun. I know so much
about the tents now – that’s good!

Ira from Russia: It’s my first time here. I have been here for 2 weeks so far and it is so amazing and wonderful experience! I feel really happy and blessed.

We can’t wait for the Summer Course to start and we thank the friends that have flown from all corners of the world to help us make this course happen this year.

(Interview: Kristýna)