Transmission Weekend with the Lama in our hearts!

On the weekend over 600 people joined us for the transmission weekend at the Europe Center.

Lama Ole could not be there himself, but his teachings could be felt during the weekend all the time. The joy of so many people who came, meditated, worked together and listened to the lectures made this a fantastic weekend!

On Thursday, more and more friends arrived from all over the world to meditate together and listen to the traveling teacher panel in the evening.

On Friday, Dima Laperashvili from Russia kicked off the weekend program with an inspiring lecture. He spoke about importance of friendship and working together in the Diamond Way. Also, we got to listen to many fantastic stories about the development of the Diamond Way Buddhism in Russia.

Saturday gave everyone a chance to receive Ngöndro and 8th Karmapa explanations from the many traveling teachers present. Also, we meditated during the day and participated in the many EC activities needed to keep this place running. At the end of the day, the EC kitchen, garden, and many other places sparkled and it showed again that work gets done very quickly with many helping hands. In the evening, Markus Kuhn from Amden shared his knowledge of the Dharma, and also some wonderful stories. After the lecture, the DJs Micha and Manu provided the perfect atmosphere for a great celebration.

On Sunday morning, Reka Mathe rounded off the weekend with a very insightful and inspiring lecture, which seemed to connect the entire weekend together by linking topics from Dima and Markus’s lectures the previous days.
After lunch, Tomek Lehnert called to thank everyone for all the good wishes he had received from friends around the world. He expressed his wish to come to the EC very soon but was unable to make it at this time.

This weekend attested to all of us that the Lama is always in our heart and when we come together to work together, meditate together, and share our friendship everything is possible. We hope that everyone will come back soon, and thank you all for the hard work and openness to make the Europe Center what it is – a place to grow and come together!