German Autumn Course 2018 at the Europe Center

Everybody attending the five days course was completely amazed by the new concept, offering a lot of space for exchange and practicing together.

Of course, there were traveling teacher panels every day. However, in a very non-German way without a hundred percent planing – the teachers were announced on a short-term depending on who was on the place. Shaping the Diamond Way Buddhism in the German centers in the transmission given by Lama Ole was one main focus. To fulfill the responsibility and trust given by our Lama, the wish for deep exchange between us was noticeable. Therefore a lot of time was reserved for teamwork on different subjects concerning our center-work, to talk about future projects and joint activities, to present current projects and to strengthen our bonds by talks at the campfire or dancing together.

Beforehand Lama Ole informed by the concept replied: „I think it´s a good idea – now get to know each other and learn to work together. We have a lot of very well trained and experienced people in Germany and they should be heard on a wider scene. The world is big! Yours, Lama Ole“ and confirmed this again when he skyped in from the course in Calgary (CAN).

If you feel inspired: next years German Autumn Course will take place in Altmühle.