Puja at the Stupa with Nedo Rinpoche

It was an honor for us to host Nedo Kuchung Rinpoche in the Europe Center from 24th through the 26th of September 2018.

Nedo Kuchung Rinpoche ́s private visit to the Europe Center happened just 6 weeks after he gave us the Diamond Mind and Black Coat empowerments during the EC Summer Course. Rinpoche was on his way from Renchen Ulm Bodhi Path center to Spain where he will give teachings and empowerments in Karma Guen and Benalmadena.
During his stay in the Europe Center Nedo Rinpoche guided a Puja, a traditional Buddhist ceremony, at the Long Life Stupa. The day was especially favorable to perform a Buddhist ritual as it was a full moon. Many friends from the region joined us for this joyful event. Since the very early morning, nature was showing its beauty with the clouds floating above the lake, later taken away by the wind. The weather was perfect when we gathered to meditate together around the Stupa. One moment we saw some buzzards circling in the sky above, a very auspicious sign. The atmosphere was amazing and all the arrangements went very smoothly despite the short notice. The day reached its peak when everybody gathered together for a dinner with Rinpoche. Nedo Rinpoche shared stories in a joyful, familylike atmosphere. We wish to see Rinpoche here soon again.