Lunar Eclipse

Last night we were lucky enough to witness this century’s longest lunar eclipse, a so-called blood moon. From a Buddhist point of view, this is not just a visual sensation but also a wonderful chance to use the special and strong energy of these hours for meditation and making wishes.

Energetically the full moon is a powerful time in the lunar cycle when the moon pours down a massive amount of energy. Our body responds to this with an opening of the central energy channel. During the full moon whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified.

Although any time of year is of course good for meditation, there are energy cycles that are believed to make it easier and more powerful. Full moon is one of them. Yogis and other spiritual practitioners throughout the ages have performed rituals at the full moon because they knew the full moon energy had a powerful effect on the energy of the body. This means our meditation practice will be deeper.