Summer Course 2018 Building-Up Weekend 2

The second Summer Course building up weekend proved the power of joyful effort and great teamwork.

As a result, we reached more than we aimed for this weekend. The work was flowing, smoothly and everyone knew what to do. Every team stood shoulder to shoulder and worked as one team: giving trust, support, and encouragement to each other.

Our work was ahead of time this year; we even finished the floor of the meditation tent on Saturday evening. Jokes were in the air that there wouldn’t be enough work for the helpers, coming next days. Following the tradition, football match took place on the new floor for the celebration of the completion. There was no sign of tiredness on Saturday evening. After the football match, we had an amazing karaoke evening, closing the day with music and dancing.

Sunday did not pass without work and fun either. Even the rainy weather could not take away the smile on our faces and did not slow down our effort. Sitting at the dinner table on Sunday evening, nobody would have recognized that we had been working hard all day long. However, the evening movie was definitely a nice relaxing activity, closing this effective and joyful building up weekend.