Summer Course 2018

Building-Up Weekend 1

Another amazing, powerful weekend that strengthened many friendships at the EC. The Building-Up Phase of the Summer Course has started! We asked some friends to share their impressions with us. This is the outcome…

Piotrek from Immenstadt: During the first Building-Up Weekend we had an amazing time, with a lot of friends coming to help us and support the technical team. It only took us one day to build up the cafeteria tent and the kitchen tent including the roofs and the side walls. We even started with the floor in the cafeteria tent, so we are managing well with the time plan we have. We support each other very much and really share a lot of joy. It is a great experience to stand shoulder to shoulder and create something for the benefit of all the friends coming from around the world. We create something that will only stay for a few weeks, but the joy we share and the bonds we make with the friends will last long and they will be very stable and strong.

Ilona from Immenstadt: Building up the tents is always the most fun!

Michael from Landau: It is fantastic to work together with everybody. I’m in the Electricians’ Team, but now in my break, I am helping with the floor in the cafeteria tent and I enjoy it a lot!

Gabriela from Schwarzenberg: It’s just great and a lot of fun!

Grzegorz from Bregenz: We have a Building-Up Weekend now and it’s really fantastic to work and have fun together with all the friends. It’s different than doing the ‘normal’ work, because here you work with friends and it’s really cool.

Kristina from Prague and Nikolaj from Sofia: Today we built up a considerable part of the walls together. It was a very nice ‘eastern’ experience. It probably ended up to be a little bit less structured than it would be if the Germans did it ;) but we had so much fun.
It’s all about being joyful while you are doing it, sometimes things might not go the way you planned, but sometimes the result is even much better in the end. We are working and it’s a lot of fun, so please join!

Interview: Bożena