Motorbikers Weekend

Our historical first motorbike weekend was far beyond our expectations.

It was amazing to share the colorful storytelling on Friday and Saturday. Seeing the arrival biker friends – 41 friends with their wide range of motorbike types with maaaany horsepower – and having the great Saturday´s evening barbecue definitely brought joyful atmosphere in the Europe Center.

Lama Ole’s Motorcycle friends activated the “biker‘s fire” with their unique stories about the mind-blowing tours with Lama Ole illustrated by many rare photos. The pictures and the stories well demonstrated that Lama Ole never misses the chance to give teachings in every situation. All of the friends whoever were part of a Motorbike Tour with Lama Ole shared the same experience: “Our day never passed without learning something about ourselves and our own mind.”

This was not all, they took us on a more than 200 km bike tour to Austria. 41 bikes and even more bikers joined, which was a powerful experience. We started together after meditation in the morning as an impressive convoy down the hill, through Immenstadt via Tanheimer Tal, Eimen, Hochkrumbach, Andelsbuch and so on. It was a peaceful bike meditation. The group acted as a magnet, holding together and sharing joy and friendship. Only one thing was louder than our laughter was the sound of our bikes. The smile on our faces did not disappear long after the tour. Riding a bike on the curvy mountain roads fills your heart with incredible freedom. You hear the sound and feel the vibration of the bikes shanking every part of your body which filled your senses. You become one with your bike and just enjoy. This bike tour was not only an exceptional experience for all of us but also strengthened our friendship which is crucial for our development.

If our short blog article you did not get an insight of mystery of the Motorbike tours then we share with you a poem that was written by Manfred Meier in 1999. Manfred is part of the motorbike rides with Lama Ole from the beginning and also a great motorbike teacher.

After a long day of drive, sitting on the top of the hill, being inspired by the row of the motorbikes down the road, the words were flowing into sentences and into a poem in Manfred´s mind. The poem shows well the intensity of the Motorbike ride. Manfred had to wait nearly 20 years until his poem being published. The poem has been written in German and we translated it into English. I hope you will also enjoy as we do so.

Bikers’ Anthem
Though the work of mankind is not of lasting value
we praise the one, who invented the wheel
instead of four, we only need two
and have even more joy with it
pulling the throttle – it hits you a horse
who speeds through the curve-a crazy herd
on steel horses today we ride through the land
praising the one who invented the wheel
the wheels scream on the very last edge
that’s how it has to be – bikers will
the knee scratching the ground – there is no holding on
when the joyful roaring of the motors is sounding
from zero to hundred in three seconds
that, indeed, is quite boundless
one is tempted to say quite boldly:
„my body is as fast as my mind“
what is it that we humans are looking for extremes
is beside all are all day still space left for more?
Some dive, climb or surf the waves
fly the skies with their parachutes, held by ropes
seek their limits to water and land
with the motorbikes, it is: all concepts fall
because the intensity is keeping you beyond thoughts
the experience is so strong, that you are not separate from it
when the speedometer needle runs beyond the two hundred
when everything is flying by, then simple is the trick:
the resting in the moment!
Then space and joy are arising
and you ask yourself:
why am I not always in that mood?
My mind indeed is clear light
why am I not able to understand this on the rainy Tuesday?
But the experience is powerful, the inspiration strong,
it is impossible to lose this completely again…
and before one gets stuck in the conditioned world
one reminds that the Karmapa meditation contains it all.