Remembering Hannah Nydahl

Hard to believe that not only did we purchase the EC 10 years ago in March, but only a few days later Hannah Nydahl, often referred to as the mother of Buddhism in the West, passed away on April 1, 2007. As if she still wanted to witness our Europe Center dream come true before leaving for the pure lands.

We took a weekend with Diamond Way teacher Wojtek Tracewski from Poland to remember Hannah. In his late wife’s honor, Lama Ole guided a meditation on White Liberatrice for us via streaming.

We could feel Hannah’s kind, feminine spirit everywhere on this weekend and she just keeps on inspiring us deeply. It was a more quiet atmosphere then the usual high-voltage heartbeat of the EC: mainly hugs, love, kindness and quiet meaningful talks amongst friends everywhere in the breaks. Even the kids somehow seemed to be more pensive than usual to some …

We will always be immensely grateful to Hannah for having been the wonderful woman and amazing Buddhist teacher and translator she was, and she will keep on inspiring us in our practice every day.