Summer Course 2017: Day 14

Nedo Rinpoche gave us another precious empowerment on the last day of this year’s Summer Course: the initiation into White Liberatrice (Skt. Sita Tara, Tib. Dolkar).

To reach a high level of realization and a deep understanding of the Buddhist teachings, one needs a long and healthy life. Since the next rebirth could be one in another realm keeping one from meeting the Dharma, it is important to take the chance one has with this life, meeting with the teachings in a human body. The White Liberatrice or White Tara (Skt. Sita-Tara; Tib. Dolkar) gives a long life and protects from illness. She is regarded as the female manifestation of the compassion of all Buddhas.

After the empowerment, Lama Ole touched us deeply with his closing speech, thanking Rinpoche and reminding us to go out there with great strength and confidence and benefit everyone we meet as well as we can. The almost infinite applause that followed was a clear reply what everybody in the tent intends to make of this advice after the course!